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Not being on the first page of Google for relevant keywords, is like hiding your business from your clients. Like having a store, keeping its lights on, but never actually unlocking the door for visitors to step in.

Our team is here to help you bring your business to life, to the first page of google, as the saying goes, “the best place to hide a dead body is the 2nd page of Google”, don’t make of your business a dead body. We’re here to help you rank #1.

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Why Cangarooo

Simple, we can bring your business up to the first page on google search results for important and relevant keywords in short periods of time. In 3 months you’ll see noticeable organic traffic, in 6 months it will be a top channel for you after which you’ll see you’re ranking #1 for many great keywords which are generating traffic and ROI for your website.

Free SEO Audit

SEO changes on daily bases, but that shouldn’t stop your business from ranking on the first page of search results.

We know the importance of great SEO content, and have done this hundreds of times, most companies don’t know how good they can rank, if only they make minor changes to their content structure or keywords.

That’s exactly why we’re here, contact us and we’ll manually conduct a free SEO audit for your website

How is SEO Done?

Separate the wheat from the chaff! Great experts have their techniques and tricks to achieving the best results, which we’ll not share, but we’ll share with you our workflow and stages.

SEO Research:

Research your business, industry, past and present results, research your direct and indirect competitors and their SEO rankings and keywords. This is done after we onboard you and completely understand your business.

SEO Strategy

After doing our research and getting all the required data, we proceed to creating your SEO strategy, for this stage we thoroughly research and study your buyer personas and their buying journey, so that we can target the right keywords for the right stages.

On-Page Audit and SEO

Well, the audit is actually done from the beginning, but on-page actions are made after we’ve done research and audit. We’ll fix errors and do the improvements.

On-Page SEO Implementation

We start adding the keywords in relevant places with the right HTML tags… We check the keyword density and optimize it, check all the on-page elements and optimize them.

Content Structure & Internal Linkings

Obviously Google, and any search engine for that matter, pay attention to your internal linking, that’s how they determine which pages are important and what are they about and the keywords they target. So we proceed on to creating an optimized linking structure and map.

Blogging & Content Calendar

The main thing, we promise, blogging is what’s gonna get your business rolling. Obviously we’ll have an entire blogging strategy with their targeted keywords and audiences, even targeting the buyers’ journey.

Off-Page SEO & Linkbuilding

Of course, on-page actions is not nearly enough to get great rankings, that’s where linkbuilding and getting great backlinks come in. Our team is specialized in getting the required backlinks from EAT (Expert, Authoritative, Trustworthy) sources.

Blogger Outreach

Having industry speakers and influencers mention you in their articles, or even having your article on their website is one hell of an achievement from different stand points, SEO, credibility and generating quality traffic.

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