Motion Design

Our team have worked with some of the biggest companies, both locally and internationally. We always study the requirements and the needs of the video, its purpose and channels to be used on. After which we proceed to creating your animated video... Your visitors want to understand your business

Explainer Animation

The internet is filled with "how to" content, and it's no surprise that any product, whether it's an app, Saas or PaaS, needs an explainer animation video. The reason is that your users want to know how to use your software directly from you and in an understandable manner. Go ahead and tech them your software.

Video Shooting

Considered by many a cute way of presenting what you have, stop motion has never been felt as an "outdated" format of showcasing a product or a service. Our team will produce your video from scratch. From concept creation to production to delivery. Stop motion videos create hype around themselves, and they easily convince viewers to share the video

Motion Design Videos for Companies

Experience indicates that visual content is far more useful, desired and engaging. Specially in a digital world where you have only a few seconds to grab attention and leave a good impression in a way that the visitor stays and engages with your business. A studied and on-point video content does take care of the job.

Having an Artistic Touch

There are many ways to do something, but only a few of them will get you the results which you want to achieve. Our creative team adds that artistic touch to any handled work, and it’s more like a signature to our work.

Although ,art is priceless, the results gotten from our videos will be easily measurable.

Launch your campaigns with beautiful and on-point videos with that added artistic touch.

Motion Design - Animation Videos

Our animation team is composed of only professionals, not only in animation and design, but in project handling and delivery. Here are our working stages.

Understanding: Might sound obvious or absurd, but 90% of the time, task processors can’t deliver the results due to not completely understanding the requirements and the needs of the task. As the saying goes “Understanding the question is half the answer”

Mock-Up Version: The team will proceed to creating the concept of the video and then create a mock-up version of it.

Delivery: After the approval of the mock-up, the team will proceed to creating the final version of the video, and work with you to do the minor edits and add the finishing touches.

Videos Created

Explainer Animation Videos

Help your users/visitors easily get a hold of your software and use it to its maximum potential. As the saying goes, happy client happy life! Or was it “wife”?

Learning: First our team will learn your software, what’s its purpose, its strengths and uses.

Sequence: After understanding and learning the software, the team will then move on to creating the map/user flow of the animation video.

Production: The team will record the video, and then make the required edits on it so that it completely fits in the requirements of the task and the purpose it will serve.

Videos Created

Companies We've Worked For

Video Shooting - Stop Motion

Sometimes an animation isn’t enough, and your users want to see real people and/or real objects.

Understanding: Many internal discussions and discussions with the client. The point is to identify the needs of the market and target audience which the video will address and offer a solution to.

SCRIPT: The team will write 2 different scripts and story boards, after the approval of one we’ll proceed to stage 3.

Delivery: After the approval of the script, the team will proceed to producing the video.

Videos Created

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