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Our team of developers will get your app up and running. The team has been working for the biggest tech companies for the past couple of years. We work with SCRUM framework to make sure the software development is on the right track and under control.

Cangarooo's App Developers

Our team is formed with junior and senior developers, graduated from the best coding schools in the region and working with the best software development companies internationally. One thing we brag about is the fact that our written codes don’t need no body to clean “the mess” after our work is done.

We work hard not miss a deadline or a detail, because we know how it feels to have your vision come to life, and we want your vision to come to life with our work.

Our motto for app development is “Apps must be written for people to use, and only incidentally for machines to execute.”

IOS & Android Apps

A question we get asked a lot is, do I need both Android & IOS apps for starters? Can I start with one and have the other later? The answer is one, YES. Having both is always the right choice and decision, obviously if you don’t have a special case.

It’s not good to miss a referral from a user to a new one because of the OS.

Here are the differences which need to be considered and the overall extra actions to be done to have both OSs in your pocket.

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Fast App

The most important aspect of any app is its speed, users don't enjoy having slow loading apps. We all want to have fast apps at our fingers. That's exactly what our team does.

Bug-less App

What's more important than your app working perfectly? Having a bug-less app sets the ground for fast growth, happy users, more income and a lot of recommendations.

IOS & Android

Our senior team consists of both IOS and Android developers. We always recommend clients to launch their app on both platforms as it's the base of the app's future.

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